Cloak & Dagger

Part I: The Shakuhachi

A summary

Mnemon Velak and Weilin Longtooth met in the warm season in the lands of the Icewalker Tribes, both summoned there by Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe. She spoke to them about her own intentions of seeing the North united in a peaceful way, and thought that where Yurgen had applied the sword, the two heroes could try diplomacy. Many Northerners worship their ancestors, and she had heard of a flute whose tones would be pleasing to the ears of the dead: The Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi.

Together, Velak and Weilin took it upon themselves to travel to the realm of a Scavenger Lord named Jay-Woo. There, they infiltrated his palace skillfully, and while Velak distracted the court with an excellent display of his martial arts skills, Weilin snuck into the vault with the aid of a summoned demon. It was here that they earned their nicknames – Cloak and Dagger.

Sadly, they found the vault empty – two other con men had used the exact same scheme only two weeks prior to their arrival.

Following the trail the con men had left, the two traveled to the Kingdom of Thrassa, where a new religion was spreading, devoted to worship of something called the Great Dead. The heroes heard, that this was the religion of the new Queen, and the King had adopted it as official.

To find the con men, Cloak entered into a martial arts tournament in the city of Maul. Soon, he faced one of the thieves, an Air Aspected Outcaste posing as an Immaculate Monk under the guidance of a Realm-born Water Aspect. They defeated the two Dragon-Blooded con men, but learned that they had already sold the flute to the Queen of Thrassa.


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