Cloak & Dagger

Part II: The Queen of Thrassa

A summary

Traveling to the capitol of Thrassa, Cloak and Dagger learned about the strange religious practices of the Queen Meredith, and that people now worshiped strange ancient ghosts rather than their own ancestors. To approach subtly, they disguised themselves as emissaries from Sijan, and infiltrated the palace seeking audience with her.

They soon discovered that the advisors to the King were, in fact, possessed by powerful ghosts, and that the King himself had become a broken, confused old man where once he was a great conqueror. They met the Queen in the hearthroom of the palace-manse, where she was busy praying to the Great Dead.

Dagger left to search through the palace for the vaults, to obtain the flute – while Cloak stayed with the Queen. Learning of his Exalted nature, she used strange Charms to seduce him, and he learned – much too late – that she was a corrupted Solar Exalt, infused with the power of death. She and her ghostly handmaids led him to her bed, where they intended to eat him alive.

Strangely, however, a mysterious man arrived to intervene. Before Queen Meredith could kill her prey, he used a strange Charm to lift the scales from Mnemon Velak’s eyes, and he saw her for the monster she was. For a moment, he thought the strange man seemed like his teacher, but he dismissed the thought.

While the Queen was distracted, Dagger sought out the vault of the manse-palace and opened it. Inside, he found the prize they sought – the Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi – but as he grabbed it, his demon assistant alerted him to that his friend was in danger. Cloak and Dagger fought the queen and her handmaids, but with one of them already half-dead, they realized they could not defeat her, and fled.

In the forest, while Cloak was recovering from the horrendously infected injuries he had sustained, the two met Kodia. She somehow recognized Weilin from a past life, and he recognized her – for reasons she could not quite comprehend, she promised to aid them in defeating the Queen.

With her aid, they returned to the palace once Cloak was feeling better, and defeated Meredith and her entourage, slaying her with a well-placed arrow from Dagger’s bow. Before they left to report to Samea, they made sure to restore the palace-manse to its former glory, and Dagger attuned to it so that he could channel its powers.


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