Mnemon Thagnor

The Immaculate Master of Mnemon Velak.


Not much is known of Thagnor. He has always been a part of the Mnemon family, but he’s not made much of a name of himself. Everyone in Chelak knows of him being a great master, but little is known about him, otherwise.

Even his student, Velak, knows very little of his master. According to some of the older Dragonbloods he just appeared in the village one day. Though, that must have been a long time ago, as no one else remembers it.

He is a foremost expert on most Martial Arts form, among others the Water Dragon Form.
How exactly he came to teach Velak, no one knows. He was just the logical choice.

As a master, Thagnor is tough, strict and all around not very pleasant. Even though he rarely encourages, you can always feel a strange sort of belief in his student, from the way he teaches… It is almost supernatural.

He could disappear for days on end, without as much as word. And return as swiftly, berating Velak for not training enough during his absence. It was almost as if he could watch Velak, even when he wasn’t around.

His final words to Velak, before he Velak set off north with the messengers, to the Bull of the North, was: “The Sun smiles on you child. I know you will make him proud.”.

He was even harsher on Velak after his return. More strict then ever, more preaching about the words of the Immaculate texts.
It may have been Velak’s imagination, due to his discovery up north, but it always sounded a bit more sarcastic then it used to.

Before Velak set off north, yet again, Thagnor said the last words Velak would hear of his master: “I have nothing left to teach you. From now we walk as equals.”. To no surprise of Velak, this sounded more sarcastic and belittling, then either of the Immaculate texts ever did.
Yet, Velak set off. His master ever proud of the student he had molded…

Mnemon Thagnor

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