Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi

A bone shakuhachi with a soulsteel mouthpiece

musical instrument

The Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi is pleasing to the ears of ghosts and the dead. When a character plays the flute, roll Charisma + Performance; any ghost who hears the melody and whose MDV is less than the successes scored, immediately develops an Intimacy of admiration towards the musician. Resisting this unnatural mental influence costs a single point of Willpower.

Furthermore, any hungry ghost who hears the melody is pacified; if its Mental Defense is exceeded by the successes scored by the musician, the hungry ghosts become docile and peaceful for as long as the performance continues.

Attuning the shakuhachi costs 2 motes.


It is unknown how old the Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi truly is. It dates back at least to the Shogunate, and could possibly be older. It was discovered by the Scavenger Lord Jay-Woo in RY 760, and became registered by the Guild but remained in his possession, until it was stolen by the Outcaste Bright Smoke, who sold it to Queen Meredith of Thrassa.

It currently rests in the hands of the Bull of the North.

Ghost-Calling Shakuhachi

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