Thrassa is a Kingdom to the east of Yurgen Kaneko’s empire. Formerly ruled by King Vidar, it was stolen from him by the seductive Meredith, who became his Queen. She would have converted the whole kingdom to slavish worship of the Great Dead, had it not been for the intervention of Cloak & Dagger, who slew her.

The palace-manse of Thrassa currently belongs to Dagger, who repaired and attuned it. It is a two-dot Fire-aspected manse producing a Gem of Seduction as its Hearthstone.

Thrassa has two major cities: The City of Thrassa, and the City of Maul. The former burned to the ground after the Queen’s death. The latter is almost completely controlled by the Guild and by various wealthy merchants; it is also famous for its annual martial arts tournament.

Thrassa lies to the north of Jay-Woo’s Realm. Between the two dominions is a sparsely-populated stretch of forest.


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